hear my journey

This page is about my journey around the globe and the project I conducted on the way.


In each country visited (for more than a fortnight) I made field recordings of which I created individual pieces of music. I obeyed two rules:

1 – to use exclusively the sounds of one country for one track and

2 – to use exclusively my own recordings, no digitally generated sounds at all.

This is how identified sound began.


The tracks are very different from each other, depending on what I heard and what I was able to catch with my zoom h4. Most of the tracks, except for the last two, I finished on the road. You may hear a difference in the quality since my skills in sound editing developed with this project and I started with almost no knowledge.

So, you may ask, where does the bass come from if every sound is recorded? Well, I did actually take my electric bass guitar with me, from April 2014 to February 2015, to Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and California! (and an amp…)

(…and a mobile studio)

Anyhow, however you may judge from the results, I think it was worth the effort which was often big and most of the time big fun! Enjoy my journey!