For a long time I had wanted to experience the midnight sun since I love the late summer nights in Austria, when darkness comes only past 10:30pm and after just  a few hours of dancing the sun rises again. The early sunrise never ceases to amaze me! So I was wondering how it would be to have endless daylight – at night!?? Also, I’m a big fan of Icelandic artist Björk and it was through her film “Dancer in the Dark” that I first heard music evolving from sounds and noises. The concept of my music is all so inspired by her. Thus I went to Iceland at the beginning of my journey.

Staying with locals was my way of getting to know the places I visited. In Iceland I spent a lot of time with a family on their dairy farm. There I recorded the sounds for Saursstadir Dairy Fairy:


Watch a scene from “Dancer in the Dark” on youtube:


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