The concept is: field recordings. bass guitar. vocals. Maybe some other instrument may find it’s way into a track, but all sounds are recorded by the artist. Not a single tone is generated digitally.

Your breath, your fingers hitting the computer keyboard, a stone being kicked while you walk along a road – it’s all got the potential to take over the part of drums and beats in identified sound.

Music is everywhere.


identified sound is Linda Thornton. Singer, songwriter, bassist, sound artist, producer. Bi-national: born in Atlanta in 1986, grown in Austria.



Linda Thornton is a sound-upcyclist who embeds her unique vocals and catchy bass lines in the sounds of every day life. Her style is inspired by electronic music, soul and funk, with an experimental approach. In the fresh character of her music one recovers the intuitive expression which Björk, Santigold and Róisín Murphy have mastered.

identified sound aims to raise awareness of the beauty in sounds.


photo credit

Alena Romanenko


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